14 - 15 July 2022, Vegas

future-proofing customer experience with voice technology


VoiceTech Summit Americas is a 2-Day Virtual Conference & Exhibition designed to bring together 500+ of America’s prominent brands from the Call Center, Banking, eCommerce, Healthcare & Automotive Industries to discuss the latest trends and innovations of Speech Recognition, Voice Assistants, and their implementations to transform the customer's experience. The 2-day event will exclusively bring forward the world's best Voice Technology solution providers to share their expertise and showcase jaw-dropping Voice Technology software and platforms that can transform your customer journey to the next level.

Capture live Industry Presentations, Participate on stage, and Join our Panel sessions to share your thoughts. Experience our pre-scheduled meetings at the networking lobby or meet our Exclusive Voice solution providers at their Exhibition booth. Join us for the only B2B Voice Technology event in the US and network and learn from your fellow colleagues and find out how they are using Voice.

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You Need to Attend. Here’s Why :

  • Understand how the latest developments in voice technology and customer experience will be revolutionized.
  • Learn lessons from the giants dominating the Voice Technology.
  • Find out how to get personalization right as a new wave of data analytics opens new doors to customer insights.
  • Network with leaders across multiple sectors and discover the blueprint for transforming your business.
  • Dynamic virtual event platform with a virtual stage, a lounge and exhibiting booths and networking features.
  • Meet, Greet and ask questions directly to our speakers and Industry experts.
  • Receive an awesome welcome kit gears and gadgets.




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  • CTO's
  • CIO's
  • CxO's
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • VP Customer Experience
  • Head's of Customer Experience
  • Chief Data Scientists
  • Head's of Data Science
  • Head's of Analytics
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Head's of Products
  • Heads of e-Commerce
  • Head's of Omnichannel Marketing
  • UI/UX Designers & Developers
  • Anyone Passionate about Voice


  • The current state of Voice Technology and the future perspective
  • The Emerging Trends in Voice Search
  • Digital Voice Assistants and Future of in-Vehicle Control
  • The Rise of Voice Assistants in The Banking Industry
  • Overcoming The Problem Of Voice Discovery – Strategies For A Voice-First Future
  • Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Implementing Voice AI
  • How Voice Technology is Transforming Customer Support
  • The Advantages of Voice Recognition for the Retail and E-Commerce Industry
  • Ethics & Privacy in Voice Technology

Meet Your Speakers

Bret Kinsella

CEO and Founder at Voicebot.ai

Neal Topf

President and Co-founder of Callzilla - The Quality-First Contact Center

Derek Roberti

VP of Technology at Cognigy

David Shapiro

Chief Operating Officer at Premier BPO

Mehdi Salmani

Head of Data at McD Tech Labs

Craig Crisler

Chief Operations Officer at SupportNinja

Kristen Conner

Global Vice President, Customer Experience Solutions at Concentrix

Brian J Stout

Non-affiliated insurance CX expert

Lori Pon

Director, Claims Strategy and Innovation at AAA-The Auto Club Group

Bala Maddali

Omni-Customer Experience Director - Conversational AI at Verizon

Nicholas Carey-Sheppard

Senior Advisor Conversational Design at CVS Health

Robert Skaljin

Senior Technology Partner Manager - Conversational AI (Digital & Voice) & OMNI Channel Strategy at TD Bank

Stephanie M. Todd

Chief Strategy Officer at ERC

Sabih Ahmed

Director - Contact Centre Technology at Economical Insurance

Lauren Hasson

Founder of DevelopHer

Caterina Rosander

Director Customer Experience at Oracle

Kiran Kadekoppa

CTO & Co-founder at HUEX Labs

Dr. Stanley Huff

Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Intermountain Healthcare

Keri Roberts

Brand Evangelist at ReadSpeaker

Subroto Mukherjee

Head of Innovation and Emerging Technology, Americas at GSK

Nina Rojas

Head of Operational Customer Experience at Bupa Global Latin America

Vishwa Nath Jha

Founder, CEO Saarthi.ai

Jessica Thornhill

Director of User Experience at Volly

Chithra Durgam

Founder at Blue Check Skill and Aesthetic Dental P. C

Rabeea Wajeeha

Chief Design Officer at The Blue Creative

Nick Sawka

Chief Voice Advocate at Wanderword & Host of Voice Spark Live

Emily Banzhaf

Conversation Voice UX Designer, and Hosts of Voice Spark Live

Ganesh Gopalan

Co-founder and CEO at Gnani.ai

Ladislau Batalha

Founder of Lab Experiences

Benjamin Falvo

CIO at HOWL Alert Inc. and Co-Host at Voice Spark Live

Sangram Sabat

COO & Co-Founder Saarthi.ai

Jon Stine

Executive Director at The Open Voice Network

Charlie Cadbury

CEO at Say It Now

Arpit Sarin

VP – Modernization & Digital Transformation at Regions Bank

Artem Markevich

Co-Founder & CEO at VOCALLS

Josh Ashby

Chief Delivery Officer at Atento


Gold Partners

Cognigy is a global leader in omnichannel Customer Service Automation. Intelligent voice and chatbots powered by its Conversational AI platform help businesses improve service quality, reduce operational costs, and support teams across the enterprise. Cognigy’s award-winning AI understands user intents precisely and enables natural dialogs in over 100 languages. Easily scalable and pluggable, its low-code platform automates business processes through integrations into backend systems, operates as SaaS and on-premise, and is GDPR compliant. Cognigy’s worldwide client portfolio includes BioNTech, Bosch, Daimler and Lufthansa. Learn more at cognigy.com

Saarthi.ai is a global pioneering multilingual voice and language technology company with the mission to simplify and standardize voice and non-voice business processes of enterprises across telecommunications, online commerce, healthcare, automotive, real estate, banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.
Saarthi.ai offers ready-to-hire multilingual call center AI agents and conversational robocalling AI solutions pre-trained in the most frequent business processes such as lead qualification, payment reminders, debt collection, CSAT feedback survey and others to premier financial enterprises globally.
Their proprietary Conversational AI framework, i.e. GODS when coupled with domain fine-tuned highly accurate Speech-to-Text & Text-to-Speech engines, enables semantically rich and coherent dialogues. Built on top of the lossless language understanding, and dialog management software in major global languages.
They also provide pre-trained Multilingual Customer Support AI Agents for mobile network operators to manage 70% customer interactions without human intervention and have recently unveiled the world's first AI front desk receptionist for hospitals and diagnostic lab chains.
Besides this, the company also offers interactive desktop for live agent assistance, 360-degree analytics and voice biometric solutions.

Silver Partner

Gnani.ai, a SAMSUNG ventures funded company, is a leader in the voice-led conversational AI automation space. Gnani.ai offers no-code multi-modal and multi-channel bot platforms for voice and text automation across channels. Gnani.ai empowers businesses to build customer-centric Conversational AI on multiple channels. Our product platforms include assist365™ (multi-channel conversational AI automation), aura365™ (Omnichannel Analytics), and armour365™ (Voice Biometrics).

VOCALLS is a technology company based in Prague, Czech Republic. We provide medium business and enterprise clients with a cutting-edge conversational platform based on artificial intelligence. The platform enables adding virtual assistants into any process related to voice or chat. With an emphasis on great user experience, VOCALLS-powered virtual assistants are simple to create, deploy and maintain.
Vocalls customers and partners value a dedicated team of experts who provide guidance through the entire process of virtual assistant creation and deployment. Our know-how is based on the strong knowledge of automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and telephony. Available both on-premise and in cloud, Vocalls Conversational AI Platform is a natural choice for anybody who wants to guarantee the best customer experience without trade-offs

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